Country: Austria
Activites: Task Force Monitor; Non-Invasive Haemodynamic Monitor

The Task Force® Monitor is a non-invasive, diagnosis aiding monitoring system, that records all relevant hemodynamic parameters, including heart rate (HR), stroke volume (SV), cardiac output (CO), blood pressure (BP), total peripheral resistance (TPRI), baroreflex sensitivity (BRRS), vagal and sympathetic tone etc. without any discomfort to the patient. All parameters are recorded in real time and beat-to-beat and are displayed both as signals and numeric values.

The system combines four measuring methods:

  • continuous (beat-to-beat) blood pressure measurement
  • impedance cardiography (for SV and CO measurement)
  • high resolution 3-channel-ECG (6 channel display)
  • oscillometric blood pressure measurement
  • The Task Force® Monitor enables a rapid overview of the complex relationship between the various parameters. Through the real time analysis of heart rate and blood pressure variability, the system provides an insight into the short term autonomic regulation mechanisms (vagal and sympathetic tone).

    This enables not only an assessment of the cardiovascular system, but also an evaluation of its autonomic regulation.