Country: USA
Activites: Homografts & Surgical Adhesive BioGlue

Cryolife is the pioneer and leader in processing, preserving and distributing living human tissues [ Homografts ] and BioGlue; the surgical adhesive, for use in cardiac reconstructive surgeries.

Geister Medizintechnick
Country: Germany
Cardiovascular Surgical Instruments

Geister is a leading German manufacturer for surgical instruments and accessories for cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, and electrosurgery. the manufacturing of delicate and highly precise surgical instrumentation Geister supplies a range of more than 7000 quality products for operative surgery, distributed in more than 60 countries worldwide. Purpose-oriented innovation, skilled craftsmanship, technological competence and measurable quality stand behind every single product and assure excellent surgical instruments!

Luxtec, Inc.
Country: USA
Activites: Surgical Headlight Systems

The world leader in Surgical Headlight System with mounted camera and DVR – Digital Video Recording System, a complete system delivered along-with SONY Monitors [ Optional ].

LSI Solutions.
Country: USA
Activites: Researching and manufacturing minimal invasive medical technology

Medical device research, manufacturing and marketing company that provides products for minimally invasive therapeutic procedures.

deSoutter Medical
Country: UK
Activites: Manufacturer of high quality Sternum Saw

De Soutter Medical is a leading European manufacturer of surgical power tools. Our goal is to develop and produce advanced surgical cutting solutions for a rapidly changing global healthcare market.

De Soutter Medical produces first class, cost effective surgical power tools. Through continuous product research and development, we are developing new technologies and expanding our intellectual property portfolio. This ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of the medical power tool market, and respond directly to our customers’ needs.