Insung Medical
Country: Korea
Activites: Providing medical equipment

Insung Medical Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Silicone material medical products, Surgical Drains, Human cath(PICC), Human port(Implantable chemo port), Human broncho(Silicone Double lumen Endo tracheal tube and Injection Y-iste entrusted with human health care philosophy. We have continued to research and develop to satisfy health care needs of customers in hospital, including promotion of innovative medical devices with quality and safety in Korea. Our specialties are to mining the medical requirements of wide range of hospital, local agents from Operating department to pulmonary care and anesthesia. Insung company is willing to establish wide contact and cooperation with various health care partners. We are about to open a new factory at Wonju and a new R&D building at Daegu. We anticipate to provide new technology of Silver nano and Anti microbial Silver nano and Anti microbial in the near future.