Interventionhal Medicine

Country: USA
CVX-300 Excimer Laser for CAD Therapy, ICD Removal [CLeaRS™ ], Peripheral Vascular Diseases Therapy [ CLiRpath ]

Spectranetics develops, manufactures and markets the "cool" ultraviolet excimer laser technology for multiple cardiovascular procedures. This leading-edge technology safely and effectively removes arterial blockages and ablates the scar tissue holding problematic pacemaker and ICD cardiac leads in place.

Stereotaxis Inc.
Country: USA
Magnetic Navigation Intervention [NIOBE]

The Cathlab of the future is a reality today. MAI – Magnetic Assisted Intervention; the NIOBE System is now interfaced with Seimens & Philips Cathlabs and with GE Cathlab very soon. NIOBE System is a new era that revolutionizes the practice of interventional medicine.

Country: USA
Avtivities: Treating peripheral arterial disease

The StellarexTM drug coated angioplasty balloon (DCB) platform is designed to treat peripheral arterial disease. Stellarex uses EnduraCoatTM technology, a durable, uniform coating designed to prevent drug loss during transit and facilitate controlled, efficient drug delivery to the treatment site.