Per Clot

Perclot is a unique absorbable haemostatic powder to control bleeding during surgical procedures or following traumatic injuries. Perclot is approved to be used in a wide array of open and laparoscopic surgical procedures, including Neuro, Cardiac, vascular, General, Spine, Gynecology and Urology. Perclot is CE marked and registered in many major international markets.

Perclot technology modifies plant starch into ultra-hydrophilic, adhesive forming haemostatic polymers. Perclot particles are biocompatible, absorbable polysaccharides containing no animal or human components. Utilizing this purified plant source material is critical to minimizing the risks of infection and bleeding-related complications during surgery

Perclot is characterized by being:

1. Safe: bioinert, plant-based source; rapid absorption within 2-3 days

2. Simple: off the shelf deployment with no preparation

3. Effective: ultra-hydrophilic, haemostatic control

4. Customized: for open and minimally invasive applications